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Historical manufacturer of carts

and equipment made of steel wire

CADDIE is the leader in many fields such as the retail, airport, hotel industries as well as in hospitals, institutions and industrial units. Our Caddie brand name, registered in 75 countries, is so well known worldwide.

An international culture


Due to its significant manufacturing capacity - - CADDIE by Les Ateliers Réunis S.A.S  is the standard Reference through its quality products in more than 130 countries.

Clearly defined objectives

CADDIE aims at becoming a long term, reliable supplier to the European retail groups. In order to achieve this goal, the products have been adapted to match the requirements of the customers and in particular those of the booming discount chains.


Investments are currently being performed in new technologies within the manufacturing processes. Our R&D effort also covers the selection of new materials and the impact of new design.

We have 3 core values that define our relationship with our market

Intelligence: Not all ideas are always appropriate and thus Caddie Intelligence means fully understanding our clients' needs, so we can devote ourselves to useful innovations that will bring progress in tomorrow's world.  Caddie does far more than just manufacturing, we add value to each industry and each user.


User-centered: Caddie is a brand which puts its users first, always making sure they remain at the core of its thinking: Caddie observes, works out and understands its users environments and uses , thus better respecting and protecting people and the goods they handle and move. We design products and Services that are user-friendly and constantly optimized …


Excellence: Excellence is above all a by-word for total quality control of materials and products, but also for production processes and staff expertise, so that we are able to come up with the best tailor-made solutions for each and every customer. In short, our brand guarantees the sustainability of our Service to our clients, who know they can always rely on us.

Quality and Service

Quality and service are the major concerns of our company.



Our Drusenheim factory carries the certificate ISO 9001/2008, given by the AFAQ Office, to guarantee the excellence of our products, which are always tailored to your needs.