Caddie Store
90 years of know-how. Historical partner of international retail, Caddie® is the French brand of reference to create the worldwide standards of equipment. Our expertise is also to support our customers by deploying innovative customized solutions for each business line.


Caddie.Expoline shelving creates spaces full of character. With a multitude of design possibilities and a fascinating choice of materials, coatings and colors, Caddie Expoline gondolas adapt to your spaces or create new ones in an instant.


From store to home, your customers are looking for fruits and vegetables just picked, synonymous with great freshness. Solid and modular furniture from the Caddie.Veggie range is the key to your sales growth!


Fully customized solutions, Customer dedicated product development starting from concept and design, through mockups, technical drawings to ready made product.


Caddie.WineExpo solutions highlight your wine selections in an atmosphere condleadingucive to an instinctive purchase


Checkout counters for small shops, mid and large size stores. Solutions based on wide variety of high quality components and functions.