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You will most probably use a Caddie luggage cart in a good many of the world's most prestigious airports. Our carts, Stable and highly maneuverable, meet the rigorous requirements of today's airport industry. We also offer a cart fleet management system based on the RFID remote control technology.

Our queue control range of products perfectly complements our uprights as well as information panels.


The retail industry is an extremely large sector from the little corner shop to the hypermarket, including wholesale outlets, garden centres, DIY stores… each of which requires specially designed shopping carts. In order to offer all our clients the widest range of equipment, we constantly upgrade our products to make them safer, more comfortable…

More than products, we offer you solutions best adapted to your own requirements.


Decades of experience in the hotel industry have taught us that each hotel has got its own requirements in terms of dimensions, indoor decoration, accessories and so on… We have thus decided to choose the most versatile solution you can find: the design of an “à la carte” tailor-made chambermaid's trolley!  Nearly infinite opportunities are available for you to build up the maid cart which will best suit your needs.

A further addition to these product ranges are of course the “must-have"… 


In the field of Industry sturdiness and reliability should not to be taken lightly. Our ranges have been designed to take into account the technical specifications peculiar to many fields of industry and logistics. These are as complex as they are varied. Our experience is the result of decades of research, development and adaptation.


Shopfitting must do the selling

In no store is equipment so important as in the self-service, where equipment often serves instead of sales staff, where its appearance takes the place of personality, and where its display takes the place of sales talk.

Caddie personalized shop solutions provides a strong incentive to buy for successfull sales.


Historical manufacturer of carts and equipment made of steel wire


CADDIE is the leader in many fields such as the retail, airport, hotel industries as well as in hospitals, institutions and industrial units.

Our Caddie brand name, registered in 75 countries, is so well known worldwide.

Professional shows


Euroshop 2020

We’re excited to invite you to visit us at EuroShop 2020. Join us EuroShop in Hall 14, stand A02!

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Discover the new Caddie.Airport catalog 2019

Discover the new Caddie.Airport catalog 2019

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Intelligence: Caddie Intelligence means fully understanding our clients' needs and adding value to each industry and each user.


User-centered: Caddie observes and decodes the users' environments and uses and designs Products and Services that are user-friendly and always optimized.


Excellence: Excellence is above all a by-word for total quality control of materials and products, but also of production processes and our staff expertise, so that we are capable of offering the best solution to each customer.